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Product Quality
We promise that any claims we make about the quality of our products is indeed justified by the products themselves. Further we promise that all of our products have to reach the high standards we set and that all lots of any certain production are equal in their quality characteristics. In order to guarantee a good and consistent quality in our products we only use spare parts that meet our high requirements and only employ well educated technicians in our assembly line. On top, we set up a quality control center for purchased spare parts as well as for outgoing products. Here, all products are tested thoroughly before they are marked as ready for shipment.

We promise to provide the best service we can at all times, be it for consulting before any purchase is made or in any after-sales situation. In order to provide a high standard service, our sales staff as well as our team of technicians receive regular training sessions. You, the customer, always stands in the focus of all our efforts. Therefore, we also highly encourage our distributors in overseas markets to provide a service of equal standard as we ourselves provide to our customers in the domestic market.

We promise to provide equal service and products to all our customers all around the world. Also, we promise to not distinguish between dealers and always grant identical benefits to our partners. We promise all our customers to only work with dealers who possess high level of technical expertise in general and expertise about our products in particular, and who can provide great service pre, during, and especially after-sales.

We promise to provide a guarantee of one year for all of our products, which can be extended to two years upon online registration, and which is valid from the day of purchase. We promise that, in the unlikely case of malfunction, our local dealers will be able to take care about the Wiggens product you purchased. Further we promise that, if the product cannot be repaired adequately, you are eligible for the replacement with a new unit.

We promise to provide frequent training to our sales and technical staff as well as to our overseas partners, in order to constantly enhance the level expertise which is crucial in our mission to solve your problems when it comes to lab equipment. For every new product we release as well as for our current range of products, our senior experts provide training sessions on operation and trouble-shooting. In addition to product training, we provide training possibilities on topics as diverse as communication skills, language, business behavior, natural science and engineering as well as marketing and design.

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