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Shaker for CO2 Incubators

Description: Designed for CO2 incubators, ideal for starting out with shaking cell cultures.

Designed for CO2 incubators, ideal for starting out with shaking cell cultures.

Celshak is a small shaker specially designed for use in CO2 incubators, which is made of stainless steel housing with a sperate controller, making it perfect for shaking cell cultures.

WIGGENS presents three models of shaker for CO2 incubator with highest quality design utilizing non-belt magnetic drive technology, which allows for high performance of water resistance. This most gentle drive unit has exceptionally smooth start-up and braking behavior, and has improved oxygen transfer and homogeneous availability of the nutrients in the culture medium, which can get significant better culture growth than in static cell cultures. With ultra-low power consumption, it prevents any additional heating inside the incubator.

The entire housing of shaker is made of stainless steel (SUS304), meeting the demand of GMP’s cleaning requirements and its corrosion resistant feature is ideal for using in CO2 incubator. It is easy to remove any unwanted liquids and can be cleaned with chemicals.

The thin wire cable connection between the shaker and the control box can pass through the sealing part of the inner glass door, if no access port is available within your incubator.


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