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IR Hotplate & Stirrer — WH260-NH

Description: Compact and modern design, more ingenious, strong and robustLatest infrared heating technology has been used in th...

Compact and modern design, more ingenious, strong and robust

Latest infrared heating technology has been used in the design of hotplate-stirrer WH260-NH. Thanks to this radiation heating technology, WIGGENS WH260-NH can be used for speedy heating up for various shaped vessels including round-bottom flasks, and the solution inside can be heated up to Max. 450℃ in a very short time. 

The WIGGENS new hotplate stirrer enjoys the benefits of Schott glass ceramic surface such as chemical resistance, a high surface quality, and a resistance to temperature shocks of more than 700℃, providing the users with optimal solution compared to conventional heating surface materials. The poreless smooth surface enables even the most stubborn dirt to be cleaned easily. The high infrared permeability ensures that the heating energy is transferred quickly and with very limited loss, i.e. it heats liquids fast and thus saves time and energy. PID control enables good temperature stability. If the Pt-100 sensor is connected, temperature-controlled work with stability of +/- 2℃ can be reached in most applications.

In addtion to speedy heating up and good temperature control, WH260-NH also offers well controlled liquids mixing from gentle to intense, being suitable for big volume viscous media as well.

The stirring and heating can be controlled seperately by convenient turning knobs. All functions can be viewed and monitored on a large and clear LCD display, including most frquently used parameters like working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety temperature etc.  Memory function for stirring speed and temperature setting makes it convenient to start the experiments with fixed conditions. A residual-heat display protects the users from burning their hands.

With aforementioned benefits and many other features, WIGGENS hotplate stirrer is the optimal solution for the heating and mixing of liquids in labs from gentle to intense applications.



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